ID Group’s quest for excellence has always been its driving force. Creativity, coupled with a strategic approach to solving our client’s communication needs, are the characteristics that distinguish us. Those are the reasons why, since ID Group was founded in 1985, it has been one of Puerto Rico’s leading design groups.

The design services offered by ID Group are wide and varied, but our mission is always the same: to design for success. We have helped our clients communicate with their clients effectively. We have been able to transform abstract concepts, the identity of a corporation, the spirit of a product, the intangible message of an activity, into visual images that convey the message desired by our clients. We have created and produced identity programs, annual reports, corporate publications, corporate advertising, brand identities, signage systems and environmental and packaging graphics for many companies, institutions and government agencies in Puerto Rico and abroad.

Our commitment is to offer our clients the best service; therefore, we familiarize with our clients and their marketing needs, in order to emphasize that which is unique and makes them different from the rest. Then, this uniqueness is translated into a visual message that characterizes our client’s identity. We provide our clients a multidisciplinary approach to solve their communications needs, although focusing on the visual aspect, we analyze each situation from various perspectives and we offer the best solution. In order to achieve this multidisciplinary solution we work with consultants in marketing, public relations, advertising, architecture, signage and other related areas to provide our clients creative results tailored to their needs.

This formula seems to have been our key to success, since it is common for our clients to maintain long-term relationships with us. Many of our clients have been working with us over five years. The lead team at ID Group has more than 45 years of combined experience, therefore providing our clients with strategically designed and successful results, and supervising the production so that each project is effectively implemented.